Dumaga (2011)

Published On: 27 September 2013

"Dumaga" (young female chicken) presents the rustic beauty of both the landscape and the rural lass. Depicting the two most common pastime in the countryside fused into a single story that which locals related with pride, humor, and sexiness despite the shame.

Written, Directed, and Edited by: S. A. Tutor

Shot with Canon 7D, with 50mm f1.8, 11-16mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8. Edited with Final Cut Pro on an iMac all courtesy of Arch. El Cid Tirol.

Featuring the debut performances of Odessa Mae CastaƱo and Milo Miranda. Shoot partly in Balilihan, Bohol and Cainggit Drive, Tagbilaran City at the onset of Typhoon Sendong.

Thanks to:
Jophil Rabina, Jonathan Mutuc, Ryan Macalandag, Jerome Balbin, and Bolonia Family.

PS: Chick-Chick run away while on the set, Chicky-Chicky was let loose after shooting.