Bhoot Aaya - Episode 6 - 17th November 2013

Published On: 18 November 2013

Navin's spirit harasses Nisha Verma - Nisha Verma an X model residing in Bangalore, Karnataka with her Husband Raj and Daughter Babli shares an unforgettable horrifying incident that took place in her life. Nisha was not comfortable with Navin and Raj's Friendship. Nisha gets to know about Raj and Navin's accident. Why was Navin's spirit harassing Nisha Verma?

"Bhoot Aaya' is based on paranormal experiences narrated by the real victims. Real people share their experiences, and encounters with the paranormal. The case/story will be fictionalised and interspersed with the victim (s) bytes and narration. In addition, experts from the Indian Paranormal Society of India and other relevant fields will give their opinion/take on the events/happenings. "For more information on your favourite show do visit

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