Female Vampires - Queen of Seduction - Eve

Published On: 09 August 2009

"No mortal can gaze into her eyes without having his soul shattered. What remaining resistance you will have left, she will steal away with one cold kiss from her soft poisonous lips. You will beg her for more."

actress: Vera Filatova
movie: Lesbian Vampire Killers
music: 'rev 22:20' ,by Puscifer

Hi all, this is a fan-video I made for the actress Vera Filatova, who stars as the incredibly sexy "Eve" in the awesome movie "Lesbian Vampire Killers". I was so overwhelmed by her stunning performance, I made the absolute best video I could, to be worthy of the artists who made this gem of a movie possible. Actually, I loved her so much, that when she got finished off in the movie by the "sweet" Lotte, I became so angry that I pushed myself 200% to make an alternative storyline where Lotte is put in the place where she belongs *evil grin*

Somehow, someway, this video became VERY dark, sinister and sensual (for me at least). It is my personal favorite for that same reason. It embodies EXACTLY what I love so much about Female Vampires. This video is not meant to shock anyone in any way, it's just the product of some dark fantasies.

I really hope you enjoy it, regardless of the "mature content".

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This is a 100% pure fan-video. I don't make any money on this and have no rights on any of the video or audio. It is purely made out of love for the artists.