BEST FRIENDS FOREVER - Audio Jukebox | Kamal Khatri, Aakash Thapa, Decenteez Band

Published On: 29 April 2016

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Eesteer Entertainment Presents!

1) Song Title: Lukau Lukau
Music: Arjun Pokharel
Singer: Sabin Dangol,Aashia Bhattarai
Lyricist: Arjun Pokharel

2) Song Title Party All Night
Music: Decenteez Band
Singer: Decenteez Band
Lyricist: Decenteez Band

3) Song Title: Chanchal
Music: Kamal Khatri
Singer: Aakash Thapa
Lyricist: Kamal Khatri

4) Song Title: Aja Mero Mann
Music: Aakash Thapa
Singer: Aakash Thapa
Lyricist: Aakash Thapa

Starring: Saurav Chaudhary, Manish Neupane, Sandip Ghimire, Pinky Sherpa, Sadhana Bhandari, Syaleen Manandhar, Prahik Neupane, Inzamam Ali Khan
Cinematography: Nirmal Mulmi Shrestha
Action: Asta Maharjan
Editor: Shahil Khan, Milan Shrestha
VFX: Satyam Rana
Story: Dr. Lochan Acharya
Producer: Aarav, Sarikchha Thapa, Sandip Ghimire
Director: Utsav Thapaliya
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